SIGN: Canada's Housing Crisis is Solvable

SIGN: Canada's Housing Crisis is Solvable

The Vote Housing 2021 Election Platform provides the blueprint for all political parties


URGENT: We need you to tell all party leaders and your local candidates that you support our platform.

As party leaders campaign for your vote on September 20th, more than 5 million Canadians are worried about paying their rent on September 1st

We are hearing about “housing” everywhere this federal election.

And while it’s high time politicians talked about the issue...

It can’t be a slogan or buzzword. 

There has to be urgent and substantive action from the federal government to address the scale of the housing crisis being experienced by millions of Canadians in every corner of this country, every day. 

This is why we have released our election platform: SOLVABLE: Our Plan to End Homelessness and Address Housing Need in Canada. Our platform not only outlines an achievable path for federal leadership on ending homelessness and addressing housing need, it sets a benchmark for you to measure the party platforms against.

We need all of the five major party leaders and the candidates in your riding to hear from YOU about this plan today.

It takes less than 30 seconds to send a letter to all of them right now using this page.

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