Get your limited-run Supporter Kit, today!

Get your limited-run Supporter Kit, today!

UPDATE: Supporter Kits are no longer available. Please download a print-at-home window sign here.

If you have ordered a supporter kit and haven't received it, watch your mail this week!

Campaigns are about showing your pride and values, while spreading the message to others… Which is why we are introducing these limited-run Vote Housing Supporter Kits - including a sign for your lawn or window.

Regardless of where you live in Canada, these kits will help you spread the word about our campaign to end homelessness and housing need to your friends, family, and neighbours, and let them know that you will Vote Housing in the upcoming federal election. Plus, all net proceeds raised by the kits will go right back into the campaign.  

For just $20 + shipping, you get:

  • A small (7 X7) lawn sign for your lawn or window 
  • A set of three specially-designed buttons 
  • A large Vote Housing sticker
  • A custom-designed ‘Housing is a Human Right’ sticker 
  • A window cling campaign sign 
  • 5 postcards to hand to friends, neighbours, and of course candidates (if they come and knock on your door)



These kits are perfect for individuals, families or groups (yes, we offer bulk orders) to show their campaign pride and make a difference. Plus, you will be helping the campaign in a major way...

Proceeds from these limited-run kits will help us to cut through the noise of this election and reach more voters and candidates to tell them about the importance of housing. Every kit ordered will contribute to this critical need, while also allowing you to amplify your impact by promoting the campaign to your friends, family and neighbours!