Take Action on National Housing Day

Take Action on National Housing Day

November 22, 2022, marks the 22nd National Housing Day in Canada. 

National Housing Day was started as a way of marking the national disaster of housing and homelessness in Canada. 

As we face a new wave of homelessness and out-of-control house prices caused by the cost-of-living crisis, it’s critical that governments step up and treat homelessness and housing insecurity like the national disaster it is. 

Canadians are already demanding relief from this cost crisis. But we need to ensure that the federal government puts affordable housing at the centre of any plan to help Canadians with out-of-control prices. 

This National Housing Day, we’re calling on the federal government to implement the Vote Housing platform as part of a cost-of-living relief package. Not doing so will keep forcing families into housing insecurity. 

Will you join our call by signing the petition? 

To the Prime Minister and Minister of Housing: 

The housing crisis and homelessness are national disasters in Canada and fixing them requires your urgent leadership. At a time we’re facing a new wave of homelessness caused by the spiralling cost-of-living, I’m calling on you to take action and direct your government to ensure that housing is central to your plan to relieve the cost pressures everyone is facing. 

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