Mobilizing Canadians to Vote Housing this federal election

Mobilizing Canadians to Vote Housing this federal election

Today, we launch the largest non-partisan, housing advocacy campaign in Canadian history to mobilize thousands of Canadians to pledge to Vote Housing in the upcoming federal election.

Vote Housing will model a modern political campaign by merging the best practices of digital advocacy with on-the-ground grassroots advocacy in service of ensuring that housing need and homelessness are meaningfully addressed by political parties.

Why are we doing this?

Homelessness and housing need has not always existed on the scale we see today. The rise of homelessness and so many living in unaffordable, unsafe housing is the direct result of federal withdrawal from investment in affordable housing and social services.

Homelessness and a dire lack of affordable housing are linked. This situation was created by policy and we must engage in the political process to fix it.

This campaign will rely on our core asset: people power. We know that in order for us to be successful, we need to all reach deep-down into our personal and professional social networks and ensure our friends, families, and colleagues all take our lead and pledge to Vote Housing.


How are we going to do it?

Led by the Canadian Lived Experience Leadership Network, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, Canadian Housing & Renewal Association, and the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Vote Housing will engage Canadians where they live – whether that be online or offline.

That means you’ll see Vote Housing organizing folks with video, social media and, door knocking, coffee parties, lawn signs and much more. By ensuring our parade of everyday Canadians is large enough, broad enough, loud enough – we will become undeniable.

We will ensure through our non-partisan digital and grassroots campaign that solutions to housing need and homelessness is on the mind of every voter, candidate and political party by engaging and mobilizing thousands of Canadians to pledge to Vote Housing in the upcoming federal election.

It starts with you.


Want to help us organize?

Volunteer roles:

  • IN YOUR COMMUNITY - we are looking for door knockers, phone callers, street team organizers, event planners to offer a minimum of 2-4 hours a week to help reach out to people in their community!
  • ONLINE - digitally organize online on social media, host and coordinate online zoom parties aligned with your schedule. Minimum 2-4 hours a week on your own schedule!
  • LEAD - help us lead the campaign ground game as a regional organizer in your community helping plan activities and lead teams, help onboard volunteers from across the country, organize events in your community