Help Us Finish the Campaign Strong

Help Us Finish the Campaign Strong

Your donation today will make a difference

In short, our campaign is going really well: 

  • Tens of thousands have joined our coalition 
  • Housing is on the ballot
  • All major parties are wanting to engage in federal leadership on housing
  • Several parties are committing to ending homelessness
  • All parties are committing to implementing Indigenous Housing Strategy

But here’s the thing: the next two weeks are about capturing the public’s attention, their imagination. 

We know, however, that in order for us to sustain the momentum, we will be competing with well-monied special interests. Frankly, we will be outspent. 

To finish off this campaign strong, we need your help. 

We're asking everyone who can afford to help, to donate $10 or more to help us promote our letter-writing campaigns, our social media outreach, and ensure that party leaders and candidates see the power of our movement.

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To help you be visible with your support,
we will send you the two "Housing is a Human Right" (EN/FR) stickers below that can be displayed indefinitely - our fight isn't over on election day!

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