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Election 2021
Platform Highlights & Survey Results


Canada’s Federal Parties on
Housing Need and Homelessness

Modern mass homelessness and the housing crisis are direct results of federal policy and divestments that started in the 1980s. Read more about how we got here >

In short, Homelessness and housing need were a policy choice. That’s why this election is so important. And why it’s critical federal parties running for power understand that they can create the necessary policy and investments (we’ve outlined our platform, here) to fix the crises decades in the making.


In just a few short weeks: 

  • Housing is on the ballot and is THE key election issue
  • All parties have housing platforms, signaling re-entrenched federal leadership on housing 
  • Several parties have committed to ending chronic homelessness and made significant housing promises 
  • All parties have committed to an Indigenous housing strategy

This is an incredible accomplishment - but our work continues.