Thank you

Thank you

You did it! 

You are now one of tens of thousands of Canadians who are pledging to Vote Housing this federal election.  


Here are your next steps:

  1. Share the campaign with your friends:
  2. IMPORTANT: Sign our petition and send a notification to your local MP candidates and all party leaders
  3. Order a Vote Housing Supporter Kit
    You can also start helping to spread the word about the campaign right away by ordering a limited-run Supporter Kit. The kit includes a small weatherproof lawn or window sign, stickers, buttons, and more. Learn more and order a kit now >
  4. If you're able, please make a small donation to help us reach more Canadians >
  5. Submit your endorsement >


Our campaign’s superpower is you

This is a truly grassroots campaign. We do not have big corporate advertising budgets or an army of paid lobbyists. What we do have is you and thousands of other Canadians just like you. We need to mobilize and take BIG actions in order to make a difference. 

Learn more about volunteering for the campaign >